€5,224.00 + vat
2 - 3 weeks

Thanks to its particularly productive vacuum pump, the P400 has short packaging cycles and can therefore reach a high output. This means it is a particularly economical packaging solution for butchers, restaurants, hotels, direct sellers and farmyard shops as well as for a wide range of consumer goods.

The machine control can be operated intuitively and a large chamber lid enables a clear view of the packaging process. This means that packaging can be conducted simply and efficiently even by inexperienced personnel.

  • Housing made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Chamber lid made of transparent acrylic glass (PMMA).
  • 2 plastic spacer plates for adjusting the sealing height.
  • Stainless steel diagonal insert for packaging liquids.
  • MULTIVAC vacuum pump 60 m/h
  • Machine control:
  • MULTIVAC machine control MCB01.
  • Background-lit LCD display.
  • Vacuum gauge.
  • 3 memory spaces for user programs.
  • Quick-stop button for interrupting evacuation and gas flushing processes.
  • Pump protection function.
  • Sealing system:
  • Double-seam separation (seal seam 3 mm, cut-off seam 1 mm).
  • Usable sealing length: 420 mm.
  • Easy to clean, plug-in sealing bars.
  • Chamber dimensions:
  • Chamber width: 440 mm (usable width 420 mm).
  • Chamber depth: 480 mm (usable depth 420 mm).
  • Chamber height: 170 mm.
Chamber Dimensions 440x480x170mm (WxDxH)
External Dimensions 520x650x980mm (WxDxH)
Sealing Bar Length (usable) 420mm
Power supply 400V 50Hz 1.90kW 10.5A
Power supply 220V 60Hz 2.20kW 13.0A
Built-in vacuum pump Multivac (60m/h)

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