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The compact dimensions of the machine means that it is therefore an ideal packaging solution for butchers, restaurants, hotels, direct sellers and farmyard shops as well as for a wide range of consumer goods. It also offers the ability to create Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). The machine control can be operated intuitively and a large chamber lid enables a clear view of the packaging
process. This means that packaging can be conducted simply and efficiently even by inexperienced personnel.

- In-built gas flushing unit
- Housing made of stainless steel
- Transparent, acrylic glass chamber lid
- Automatic progressive ventilation
- Double-seam separation sealing
- Sloping insert and filling plates
- Function for vacuum quick-stop
- Three program memory spaces

  • High quality materials:The housing and vacuum chamber of the BASELINE chamber machines are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. The chamber lid is made of robust acrylic glass (PMMA). The materials used contribute to the ease of cleaning and to the long lifespan of the machine.
  • Transparent chamber lid:Thanks to the acrylic glass chamber lid, the complete packaging procedure can be monitored. The chamber lid can be opened wide for loading and unloading the pouches.
  • Double-seam separation sealing:BASELINE chamber machines seal with a 3 mm wide primary seal seam and a 1 mm wide separation seam. The excess film on the pouch can be easily pulled off at the separation seam without using a tool. The result: cleanly and securely sealed pouches.
  • Automatic progressive VentilationWhen products with sharp edges are being packed, such as pork chops, kebab skewers or salmon portions, the pouch wraps itself gently around the contours of the packed product. This reduces the risk of puncturing the pouch.
  • Sloping insertThe sloping insert prevents liquids from flowing out of the pouch during packing. The pouch is simply placed at the desired height on the adjustable magnetic support angle.
  • Filling platesThe filling plates reduce the volume of the chamber, when smaller or flat products are being packed. The smaller the remaining volume, the shorter the required evacuation time.
  • Vacuum quick-stop functionWhen the quick-stop button is pressed, the evacuation and gas flushing procedures are ended immediately. Use this function to stop the evacuation of liquids when the boiling point has been reached.
  • Three memory spaces for user programsThe evacuation and sealing times for frequently used applications can be saved on three keys. This includes the gas flushing time in the case of machines with a gas flushing unit.
  • Code - 106692053
Chamber Dimentions 420x420x170mm (WxDxH)
External Dimentions 520x640x400mm (WxDxH)
Sealing bar Length (Usable) 420mm
Power supply 1x230V 50Hz, 1x110V 60Hz
Built-in Vaccum Pump output 20 m/h

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