C70 table top chamber machine
€3,295.00 + vat
2 - 5 working days delivery.

The C70 is MULTIVAC's smallest vacuum chamber machine. This compact stainless steel table-top machine is easy to clean, simple to operate, and delivers first-class, consistent packaging results.

- Compact size
- Stainless steel construction
- Powerful pump
- Safety glass window
- Quick change seal bar
- Filler plates
- Microprocessor control
- Automatic progressive ventilation
- Vacuum "quick-stop"

  • Precision: Accurate setting of desired sealing time.
  • Consistency: Settings can be stored as a recipe ensuring reliable results every time.
  • Ease of use: Intuitive, one-touch functionality for operation and saving recipes, glass viewing window for accurate monitoring of the evacuation process.
  • Controllability: Automatic progressive ventilation (allowing gentle packaging of softer, liquid or more delicate products), vacuum quick-stop, and clean double-seam sever-sealing.
  • Reliability: German engineering, heavy-duty construction, high quality components and vacuum pumps guarantee excellent value for money with many years of productive use
  • Simple to clean: Hygienic design with removable seal bar and filler plates; no corners, edges or areas for contaminants to collect.
  • Flexibility: Pack a variety of products in a range of bags and pouch sizes.
  • Easy to service: Simple to access serviceable components for routine maintenance.
  • Code - 105856114
Chamber Dimensions 330x310x120mm (WxDxH)
External Dimensions 400x500x330mm (WxDxH)
Sealing Bar Length (usable) 305mm
Power supply 1x230V 50Hz, 1x110V 60Hz
Built-in vacuum pump Multivac VB8 (8m/h)
Weight Approx. 50 kg

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